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Payforit Mobile Casino have always aimed to bring you the latest news in the online gaming world. This is why we’re pleased to bring you an exclusive on boku bingo sites. Although this update isn’t specifically about Payforit casinos, it does involve another method of pay by phone bill.

Unfortunately, Cozy Games and bingo sites no longer exist, but don’t worry, as more Boku casino deposit sites have popped up.

Gaming brand Cozy Games have taken a positive step by deciding to accept Boku pay by mobile. But we’re sure you’ll be wondering ‘what does this mean for me?’ it means that for the pay by phone bill players out there, you’ll have lots more sites to choose from!

What is Boku Bingo and pay by phone bill?

If you’ve never heard of pay by phone bill or Boku bingo sites, then we’re here to help. Boku and Payforit are companies which provide the ability to pay for your gaming credit via your mobile contract. This can be done by using up any unwanted phone credit and converting it to gaming credit, or you can add it to your mobile bill and pay it off when it’s normally due.

We always recommend that you check out the company site initially, to ensure they offer this service for your mobile provider. Most of the major mobile providers such as Virgin, Orange and O2 all accept payment by phone bill.

Getting Started with Bingo Deposits

This is the easy bit, because all the company need to know is your 11 digit mobile number. You should receive a text from them confirming the acceptance of this payment method and then you’re away. There is a limit on the amount you can deposit each day but this will increase overtime.

Again please bear in mind that although this is an easy method of gaining credit without it being removed from your bank account, you will receive a bill at some point in the future to be paid off.



Benefits paying by phone bill at bingo sites

The main benefit has to be the increase in financial security, because none of us feel comfortable entering our bank details each time we want to join a new bingo or casino site. With so many stories about fraudsters and hackers it can be quite intimidating, but with Boku you are only providing your mobile number; so you’re much safer and you’ve saved time registering.

Finally if used correctly Boku and pay by phone bill can be the perfect way to pay for your gaming credit, without going overboard. We all have those points through the month when money is a little tight, so why not use Boku and pay it off at a later date. Although there is a cap on the amount, that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise another banking method for any additional gaming.

Hopefully this has helped you explore the world of payment by phone bill and you’re as excited as we are about Boku on Cozy Games.

If you prefer to play your online gaming at casinos, take a look at for the latest boku casino sites.

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